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   Lately everyone has been talking about contouring as though creating facial structure is a brand new thing.  We have been achieving incredible results for years using our classic highlighting technique. Create the appearance of a dramatic lift to the face while evening the skin tone using two products, CHROMA’s Cream Cover All #1 and Sheer Effects Powder.  It’s really very simple.  Apply Cream Cover All  to the temple area of the face and along the top of the cheekbone with the cover all brush, blending gently. Then lightly dust over the same area with Chroma’s famous “facelift in a jar” Sheer Effects powder with the angle blush brush.  Works every time!

     I have been teaching our Highlighting technique to my clients for years and now we have created a Highlighter Kit which includes everything you need to achieve a perfect result.  It includes a short handle Cover All Brush, a short handle Angle Blush Brush, a full size Cover All #1 and a full size Sheer Effects Powder, plus a How-To Card with detailed instructions.  We’ve put it all together for you in a reusable cosmetic bag.  You can find it HERE.

                                                                                                 Michael Rey III

   My favorite thing is Chroma’s Lash Primer! I wear it everyday under

Black Mascara and it makes my lashes look so amazing! 

     All of my clients love it, too. 

    And, of course, I love the Micro Refining Scrub!  It’s gentle and it really works.  I use it every other day and it makes my skin look great!


                                                       Jacki Shepard

   This season I am loving Exposed lipstick!! It looks good on everyone!! It is the perfect lipgloss in a lipstick form...  It feels as good as it looks.

     I also love Glow blush!! It it a wonderful blush that doubles as an easy all over eye shadow too! 

        I think this with exposed is all a girl needs!!

                                                         Jennifer Galperson  



Artist’s Favorites

  Chroma Makeup Studio’s talented artists share their favorite products and techniques.

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   Sun protection is very important this time of year. A must-have for Spring and Summer is our custom-blended tinted moisture with SPF 30 (also available in SPF15). It's blended just for you and gives you that perfectly flawless "no makeup" look, in addition to keeping your skin moisturized and protected.

One of my absolute favorite new products this season is Glow. It's a lovely shimmering peach color that can be used as a blush or to highlight your cheekbones. I also like to use it on my eyelids for a pretty, summery daytime look. Add one of our new sheer lipsticks, such as Grace (peach) or Hint (nude pink). They have just the right amount of color and glossiness.  

                                                                                                Jasmine Dvorak

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   Fall is here and I am really excited about our new collection! I am loving the way the colours blend and look great on everyone.  For a simple eye I love Pearl shadow with Vapor and Steel to shade and Pewter pencil to line.  So easy and really beautiful!  I am absolutely in love with our new lipsticks.  Dare, Sensation and Roma for days you want more colour and Naked or Rose Gold for lighter lips.

      One thing I am really thrilled about lately is the emphasis on thick eyebrows!  I have always believed in keeping brows as natural looking as possible.  It is important to remember there is no perfect brow shape for everyone.  It is really based on each individual’s needs.  Some women need a little more arch to give their eye a lift and some look best with just the most minimal grooming.  Shaping brows is more than following a trend.  We take each person’s face structure into account when we sculpt their brows.  We only tweeze and trim, never any wax or threading!  I call our brow shaping technique “Natural but Better”.  As with all things it takes a great deal of skill to make brows look beautifully effortless and natural!  When it comes to filling in brows I’m not a big believer in using crazy tools.  I think the best way is to use a little brow powder on an angled brush and fill in areas that need a little help.  Then gently hold them in place with a swipe of our Brow Fix.  They will look Natural but Better all day!

     I have to once again say my absolute must have product for all seasons is our Refine + Prime Serum.  It has really changed the look of my skin!  It is applied directly on the skin and all other products just glide on top of it.  It is a skin refining serum and a primer in one.  It seriously works!

                                                                                                                Lisa Casino


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