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     My favorite technique allows you to achieve the appearance of a dramatic lift to the face and create an even skin tone using two products, CHROMA’s Cream Cover All #1 and Sheer Effects Powder.  It’s really very simple.  Apply Cream Cover All  along the temple and along the top area of the cheekbone with a cover all brush, blending gently, and then lightly dust over the same area with Chroma’s famous “face lift in a jar” Sheer Effects powder with the angle blush brush.  Works every time!

     I have been teaching my Highlighting technique to my clients for years and now we have just created a Highlighter Kit which includes everything you need to achieve a perfect result.  It includes a short handle Cover All Brush, a short handle Angle Blush Brush, a full size Cover All #1 and a full size Sheer Effects Powder, Plus a How To Card with detailed instructions.  We’ve put it all together for you in a reusable cosmetic bag.  You can find it HERE.

                                                                                                 Michael Rey III

     My favorite thing is Chroma’s Lash Primer! I wear it everyday under

Black Mascara and it makes my lashes look so amazing! 

     All of my clients love it, too. 

    And, of course, I love the Micro Refining Scrub!  It’s gentle and it really works.  I use it every other day and it makes my skin look great!


                                                       Jacki Shepard

This season my first favorite is Wish Lipstick... It's just the pop of color everyone will love!

    Secondly, I think Pixie Colour Glaze Cheek Colour is great , it gives the cheeks a hint of color and is simple to apply and makes the skin glow...

    Lastly, Nourishing Cream! With all the dry weather we are having it is the only thing that is keeping dry skin moisturized... !


                                                         Jennifer Galperson  

    Spring is here and Chroma has Moved!  I’m so excited for the new season and our new adventure!  We’ve Moved into our New Permanent Location at 459 N. Canon Dr. and it looks amazing!  I’m hoping everyone will stop by and say hello!

     Now onto colors!  I’m really loving Silk Eyeshadow on everyone.  It’s a perfect shimmery neutral rose.  I wear it all over and add Periwinkle or Pewter Eyeliner and lots of Black or Navy Mascara over Lash Primer and that’s it!  We featured Blossom blush this season because it is just the perfect wearable fresh pink blush.  Everyone can wear it and everyone who does loves it!  Lipsticks are always my favorite and I can’t get enough of Crush.  If I want make it glossy I add Flirt Lip Glaze and it has just the right amount of color and glow. 

    Another absolute favorite right now is the Tinted Daily Moisture Cream SPF 30.  It’s 3 products in one and now has a 30 SPF.  We custom tint it at the Studio and have 3 perfect colors that we carry online.  If you’re interested give us a call and we’ll help you pick the right one for you.

        One more product I’m really excited about is Pure Bronze.  It’s our new Bronzing Powder that is absolutely perfect for all skin tones!  You can trust me because normally I don’t like bronzers.  Ours is different.  It’s sheer and leaves your skin looking fresh and sun kissed.  Everyone loves it!  I hope you’ll try it too!  Hope everyone has a great summer and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone in our new location on Canon!!!     

                                                                                                                Lisa Casino

    I am excited to share our new bronzer, Pure Bronze. Pure Bronze is the perfect shade to make you looked sun kissed without having to lay out and is great for subtle contouring to define your cheekbones.    It’s a must have for your makeup collection.

    Also, my new favorite lipstick is Crush! It has a wonderful matte smooth finish. When you desire to give Crush a glossy look, just apply Lisa Lip Veneer which also adds fullness to your lips.

For your eyes Mint shadow is THE color for Spring.  It can be used solo as a cool tone or you can layer it over Citrine shadow which warms it up. Mint shadow is like a chameleon that will brighten up everyone's eyelid.



                                                                                                                      Cameron Cohen



  Chroma Makeup Studio’s talented artists share their favorite products and techniques.

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CHROMA MAKEUP STUDIO  459 N. Canon Dr.,  Beverly Hills  CA  90210  310-274-2155

    It is of utmost importance to prep and protect your skin during these sunnier months. I love our Micro Refining Scrub- it's smooths and refines the skin, giving it an amazing glow. Protect your skin from the sun with our Daily Moisture Cream with SPF 30. We can also add your custom color blend to make this a Tinted Moisturizer- it's the perfect triple action face cream that is made just for you.

    Once your skin is prepped and perfected, I love using Silk or Citrine eyeshadow all over the lid, for a super easy everyday look. And Glow lipstick is great for everyone- so soft and pretty!


                                                                                               Jasmine Dvorak