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Precision Powder Brush

   This ultra soft sable blend brush

   easily dusts loose or pressed

   powder smoothly and evenly

   under eyes and along the

   contours of the  face. 


Tapered Blush Brush

   Perfect for powder blush. 

   Also works beautifully as

   a small powder brush.


Angle Blush Brush

   This tapered brush beautifully

   accents cheeks. Also great for  

   highlighting with Sheer Effects 

   Powder and contouring with

   Pure Bronze.


Deluxe Crease Brush

   The ultimate all in one eye  

   shadow brush.  Applies and

   blends eye shadow impeccably.


Tapered Crease Brush

   Use as a crease brush to add

   dimension to your eye makeup.


Angle Shadow Brush

   The angle makes this an ideal

   contour brush for eye shadow.


Sable Smudger Brush

   Great for eyeliner. 

   Perfect to smudge shadow

   over pencil or gel eyeliner.


Brow Groomer

   Use to groom eyebrows.

   Great to safely separate

   eye lashes!


Badger Tapered Blush Brush

   This soft tapered brush works as

   a blush or small powder brush.


New Blending Fluff Brush

   This super soft fluff brush is 

   made of the highest quality

   synthetic fibers and applies

   color smoothly and evenly to



Badger Small Tapered Crease Brush

   Create structure with this 

   tapered crease brush.


Mini Badger Brush Kit

   All the brushes you need in a compact travel 

   case. Keep your lipsticks and powder in the

   side zipper compartment.


Cover All Brush

   Use to apply and blend concealer

   and foundation.


Contains 7 essential brushes

Blush, Powder, Angle Liner, Shadow Fluff,

Brow Groomer, Shadow Crease, Lip Brush

Case measures 5 1/2” x 7”

Angle Liner Brush

   This brush makes lining the eyes 

   with powder shadow or gel liner

   a breeze! 


Badger Angle Crown Brush

   This soft brush works beautifully

   to contour the eyes.  Creates a

   blended subtle contour.


Badger Deluxe Crease Brush

   The softest all in one eye shadow

   brush!  Use to apply one colour on lids  

   and then apply a soft contour colour

   for a very blended look. 


Small Chisel Fluff Brush

   Perfect brush to create drama.

   Use with a darker eye shadow

   colour to shade the bone.



Brushes and Tools

  All Brushes are Cruelty Free!

Sponges and Accessories

Wedge Sponges

   8long lasting, washable

   latex free polyurethane

   foam sponges.  Totally

   washable and reusable.

   So soft on your skin!


Metal Duo Pencil Sharpener

   Sharpens all of your

   pencils smoothly and

   evenly for years.


Eye Liner Sealer

   Use with cake eyeliner to make it last all day.

   You can also use one drop on your brush to

   make powder shadows work like cake eyeliner. 

   Just remember to wet your brush,

   don’t soak your powder shadows! 


Blotting Papers

   Easily remove excess oil 

   and unwanted shine from

   the face without the need

   to touch up.  100 sheets.


CHROMA MAKEUP STUDIO  459 N. Canon Dr.,  Beverly Hills  CA  90210  310-274-2155

net wt. 0.5  fl. oz.

Brow Groomer/

Angle Liner Brush

  Two essentials in one perfect 



Foundation Brush

   Our silky new Chroma Colour

   Foundation brush is made with the

   highest quality synthetic fibers,

   gliding foundation onto the skin

   helping create a flawless finish.  


Sable Cover All Brush 

   Our brand new concealer brush is

   beautifully silky and blends to



Retractable Lip Brush

   Mess free retractable lip brush  

   is the mistake proof way to

   apply lip colour.



Gold Tipped Tweezers

   High quality stainless steel.

   24K gold plated tip

   ground and polished by hand. 

   Great tweezer for everyday use.

   Full size.  Made in Germany.             


Brow Brush

   Firm brush ideal for filling in 




Metal Eye Lash Separator

     The Metal Eyelash Separator is

     designed to comb the lashes after

     mascara application.


Precision Tweezers

   Highest quality stainless steel. 

   Ultra precise tip, ground and  

   polished by hand, allows for 

   meticulous tweezing. Full size.

   Made in Germany.             



Rose Gold

Eyelash Curler

   Our new Rose Gold Lash

   Curler gently and effortlessly

   delivers the perfect curl.

   Suits all eye shapes.  

   One refill pad included. 


Dual Textured

Blending Sponge

   This non latex foam blending sponge allows you to easily apply and blend foundation.  Use flat surface to apply then use the rest of the sponge to blend. 


Beauty Blender

Makeup Sponge

   The unique edgeless shape

   and exclusive material

   ensures impeccable, streak-

   free application with minimum

   product waste. Use with

   foundations, powders and any

   other complexion product.



Full Size 9 Piece Brush Set in Case

   Handcrafted of 100% Ultra Soft Japanese

   Synthetic Bristles, this luxurious 9 piece

   Brush Set is beyond compare. These

   premium tools are everything you need to

   achieve a flawless and airbrushed finish

   every time. The professionally designed set

   is cruelty-free, pro hygienic and won't

   shed! All in a 15 slot professional case with

   a snap closure.