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In Studio Services

On Location Services

Makeup Application                     

    Includes brow touch up

Makeup Application with lashes        

     Includes brow touch up

     and application of individual lashes 

Makeup Application                 from $175

     price varies based on location, date and artist

Half Day                             $750-$1000

     4 hours - includes travel time

Full Day                            $1500-$2000

    8 hours - includes travel time




  * service not performed by Lisa and Michael

Individual Eyelash Application *

     Expertly applied individual eyelashes

     Perfect for a night out


Makeup Lesson  2 hours

     Includes brow shaping

     Hands on interactive lesson

     Covers all aspects of makeup application

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Please call for more information

and to schedule an appointment.


Brow Shaping                                 

     Our signature Brow Shaping

     We sculpt the brows by tweezing and trimming.

     Brows look fuller, natural but better!


Lip & Chin Waxing / Threading *    

     Hair removed either with wax or threading

Full Face Threading *                       

     Hair removed using threading technique





In Studio

Lash Extension Services

Lash Extension Application       $250

    2 hours - expertly applied full set 

      of long lasting eyelash extensions

Lash Extension Fill                    $75

    within 2 weeks - 45 minute appointment

Lash Extension Fill                  $125

    within 3 weeks - 1 hour appointment

Lash Extension Fill                  $175

    within 4 weeks - 1 1/2 hour appointment

CHROMA MAKEUP STUDIO  459 N. Canon Dr.,  Beverly Hills  CA  90210  310-274-2155

Eyelash Tinting / Brow Shaping

     When you schedule an Eyelash tint

     and Brow Shaping in the same

     appointment you save $5


Eyelash Tinting                       

     Tint eyelashes safely and gently


Eyebrow Tinting                       

     Tint eyebrows safely and gently


Lip Waxing *    

     Hair gently removed with wax

Lip Threading *    

     Hair gently removed

     using threading technique

New Look  30 mins. - 1 hour

    Let us update your look with new

    seasonal colours and techniques

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