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In Studio Services

On Location Services

Makeup Application                     

    Includes brow touch up

Makeup Application with lashes        

     Includes brow touch up

     and application of individual lashes 

Makeup Application                 from $175

     price varies based on location, date and artist

Half Day                             $750-$1000

     4 hours - includes travel time

Full Day                            $1500-$2000

    8 hours - includes travel time




  * service not performed by Lisa and Michael

Individual Eyelash Application *

     Expertly applied individual eyelashes

     Perfect for a night out


Makeup Lesson  2 hours

     Includes brow shaping

     Hands on interactive lesson

     Covers all aspects of makeup application

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Please call for more information and to schedule an appointment.


Brow Shaping                                 

     Our signature Brow Shaping

     We sculpt the brows by tweezing and trimming    


Lip & Chin Waxing / Threading *    

     Hair removed either with wax or threading

Full Face Threading *                       

     Hair removed using threading technique





In Studio

Lash Extension Services

Lash Extension Application       $250

    2 hours - expertly applied full set 

      of long lasting eyelash extensions

Lash Extension Fill                    $75

    within 2 weeks - 45 minute appointment

Lash Extension Fill                  $125

    within 3 weeks - 1 hour appointment

Lash Extension Fill                  $175

    within 4 weeks - 1 1/2 hour appointment

CHROMA MAKEUP STUDIO  459 N. Canon Dr.,  Beverly Hills  CA  90210  310-274-2155

Eyelash Tinting / Brow Shaping

     When you schedule an Eyelash tint

     and Brow Shaping in the same

     appointment you save $5


Eyelash Tinting                       

     Tint eyelashes safely and gently


Eyebrow Tinting                       

     Tint eyebrows safely and gently


Lip Waxing *    

     Hair gently removed with wax

Lip Threading *    

     Hair gently removed

     using threading technique

New Look  30 mins. - 1 hour

    Let us update your look with new

    seasonal colours and techniques

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