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    Firming, Moisturizing and Protecting

R N A Eye Cream   ✦

A LIGHT yet emollient cream for the eye area  

Use morning and night to keep delicate eye skin moist and supple.

Soothing Eye Gel  

Use morning and night to reduce puffiness and add moisture.

Daily Moisture Cream SPF 15   ✦

Our best seller is a silky cream for all skin types

Use daily as a combination moisturizer and sunscreen.

Great under makeup!

Daily Moisture Cream SPF 15 with tint  

This PERFECT cream just gets better                      

Moisturizer, sunscreen and a hint of color

Nourishing Moisture Cream  ✦

Our RICHEST moisturizer for drier skins

Wear day and night to restore moisture balance.

Vitamin C Moisture Cream 

It’s a TREATMENT and a moisturizer in one

Vitamin C works to revitalize tired dehydrated skin

Works beautifully under makeup or as a night moisturizer.

A TREAT for tired eyes

Customized at the Studio or 3 perfectly designed  shades online!

   Polishing and Revitalizing    

This micro scrub not only exfoliates, it refines your pores and works

        to stimulate the production of new and healthy skin cells.

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Gentle Makeup Remover   ✦ 

The PERFECT liquid makeup remover

All skin types use as a first step in cleansing.

Citrus Cucumber Cleanser   ✦

A LUSCIOUS foaming facial cleanser 

Normal/oily skin use as the second step in cleansing.

Daily Cleansing Lotion   ✦

A GENTLE light cream cleanser

Normal/dry skin use a the second step in cleansing. 

This SOOTHING and refreshing toner calms redness as it tones.

Recommended for all skin types.

Use as a third step in cleansing.                    

   3 Step Cleansing Process

Contains natural fruit enzymes,vitamins and micronized marine salts.

Daily Citrus Astringent   ✦    

This REFRESHING lemony toner has gentle antiseptic qualities.

Recommended for normal to oily skin.

Use as a third step in cleansing.                    

Red Tea Moisturizing Serum   ✦

A lightweight serum with the strong antioxidant power of Red Tea

Contains Sodium Hyaluronate to help rehydrate and firm skin

Use after cleansing.

Great for all skin types.  Use after cleansing.


   Travel Skin Care Kit

Gentle Makeup Remover

Citrus Cucumber Cleanser

Calming Tea Toner

Daily Moisture Cream SPF 15

All in travel friendly 2 oz. plastic bottles

in a convenient reusable cosmetic bag.

total net wt. 8 fl oz./236 ml  

✦ New Product ✦

retail value $79.00 

Special Kit Price   $64.00

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Calming Tea Toner   ✦

Micro Refining Scrub   ✦

CHROMA MAKEUP STUDIO  459 N. Canon Dr.,  Beverly Hills  CA  90210  310-274-2155

Great for all skin types

Use daily as a combination moisturizer and sunscreen.

Great under makeup!

Our same fabulous cream designed for those who want more sun protection

Our highest sun protection with a hint of color                     

Moisturizes, protects and perfects skin tone

Customized at the Studio or 3 perfectly designed shades online!

Daily Moisture Cream SPF 30   ✦

Daily Moisture Cream SPF 30 with tint  

  REFINE + prime

   Anti-Aging Refining Serum + Primer

✦ New Product ✦

This highly concentrated anti-aging moisture binding and skin repairing facial treatment RESTORES, REFINES and PRIMES.

While working to tighten and plump skin cells it acts as a perfect PRIMER under foundation

to achieve an even,

lasting, flawless makeup application.

net wt. 1 fl oz./30 ml   $85.00